Friday, 19 January 2018

Daniel Horan, OFM - arrogant, abusive, profane man purporting to be a Catholic priest

Get over to Witness and read Barona's revelation of Daniel Horan, CFM, an alleged Catholic priest.

Tweet this post or Barona's to this heretical, dissenting, deceiver and do give him my regards as he has blocked me on Twitter.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

It's not what the Pope says, it is what he does.

Don't tell me that Pope Francis speaks against abortion, let me see how he praised "Italy's forgotten great" Emma Bonino, the bicycle pump baby-killer. Show me that he will recall the medal to this Dutch Abortion Witch and prove to us that he had not approved it. 

You can't show me because he won't.

Yesterday in Chile, Bergoglio apologised for the crimes that homosexual men -- sodomites in the Catholic priesthood did to boys and the filthy bishops who covered it up.  Yet, Bergoglio promoted them in spite of the knowledge of their crimes just as he has done in Italy.


  • Bergoglio has not acknowledged and he has not extradited pervert Monsignor Capella wanted by the RCMP in Canada for trading in child pornography.
  • Bergoglio reinstated an Italian priest, removed by Benedict XVI, Don "Mercedes" Inzoli, who went on and sodomised again.
  • Bergoglio has appointed Barros, who witnessed sexual assault, by a Bishop in Chile.
  • Bergoglio brought into his inner circle, Godfried Danneels who protected a pervert bishop who had raped his own nephew, whom Danneels chastised.
  • Bergoglio has appointed as his Legate to Scranton's celebration, Roger Mahony, who covered up dozens of cases of perverts raping boys and paid out a billion dollars in damages.

These are only some. Here is the evidence. Nobody else did this. Jorge Bergoglio did, the Bishop of Rome, the Pope. He did this and people continue to fawn all over this man.

Bergoglio is a fraud and so is his apology. They must think we're pretty stupid to believe that there is any sincerity when the evidence of his actions is exactly to the contrary.

He is a walking scandal. A man who is a liar, who has protected perverts all the time giving the impression that he actually cares about their victims. "Life in prion is like a death sentence," he said, and we all know what he thinks about capital punishment.

Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!

Mercy for the guilty, no justice for the victim.

Don't tell me what a man says, show me what he does.

It is time for all Catholic to face the facts, a manipulative and destructive regime of malefactors has taken control of Holy Mother Church. They hate God, they hate our Lord Jesus Christ, they are liars and they are doing the work of Satan himself. Bergoglio is the front man, but he is very much a part of the whole evil cabal. 

You priests and bishops that continue to cover for this boil on the seat of Peter will be held accountable one day for allowing this fraud to continue.

Vatican, January 31, 2015
To the distinguished bishops of the Permanent Committee of the Episcopal Conference of Chile
Dear brothers:
I have received your e-mail of the 23rd of this month. Thank you very much for openly manifesting the disquiet that you have at this time concerning the appointment of Mons. Juan Barros Madrid. I understand what you are saying to me and I am aware that the situation of the Church of Chile is difficult due to all the trials you have had to endure.
I pledge to you, in addition to my fraternal understanding, my closeness as a brother and my prayer.
I remember well the visit that you made in February of last year, and also the various proposals, which seemed to me prudent and constructive.
However, there then arose, at the end of the year, a serious problem. The distinguished nuncio asked Mons. Barros for his resignation and urged him to take a sabbatical period (one year, for example) before taking on another pastoral responsibility as diocesan bishop. And he mentioned to him that the same procedure would be used with the bishops of Talca and Linares, but not to tell them about this. Mons. Barros sent the text of his resignation, adding this remark from the nuncio.
As you can understand, this remark of the distinguished nuncio complicated and blocked any further move in the direction of offering a sabbatical year. I spoke about the matter with Card. Ouellet, and I know that he spoke with the distinguished nuncio.
At this time, following the express indication of the Congregation for Bishops, Mons. Barros is doing a month of Spiritual Exercises in Spain. I do not know if he will pass through Rome afterward, but I will advise Card. Ouellet of this and of the suggestion that you are making.
I thank you once again for your openness and frankness in expressing your views and feelings: this is the only way to work for the Church, the care of which the Lord has entrusted to the bishops.
I ask you to please pray for me, because I need it.
May Jesus bless you and the Holy Virgin watch over you.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Someone preoccupied with Coprophagia and Fomenters of Coprophilia should be right at home with S--t Holes, considering he comes from one!

Truly, if Bergoglio does not want to be called a hypocrite then he should stop acting as if he is one.

It's one thing for the President of the United States to issue something that might be considered vulgar (though he denies it), it is quite another for the Vicar of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

It seems that potty-mouth Bergoglio, obsessed with the idea of eating excrement, which is what coprophagia is, does not want to be displaced by someone bigger, smarter and with more followers on Twitter.

To my Argentine friends, sorry for referring to your corrupt nation as a shite hole, I am quite cognizant that if our Dear Fascist Leader @justintrudeau has his way, we will soon head that list.

Maria Antonette was famous for allegedly stating, "Let them eat cake." The poor Catholic soul was considerable less vulgar that the priest dressed up as the Bishop of Rome.


Can the evil plotters who have sullied the Church of Christ be any bolder?

From Sandro Magister:

Image result for parolin francis

The address that the pope delivers at the beginning of each year to the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See bore an unmistakable imprint on Monday, January 8: that of the secretary of state, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.
It was the address of a great professional of diplomacy, entirely devoid of those third-worldist reprimands which are dear to Jorge Mario Bergoglio. A sign that the “comeback” of Parolin, who has now regained full control of the Vatican curia, has even made inroads with Francis. 
Read the rest at:
But just before you go: ... And Parolin is more powerful than ever, thanks to Pope Francis’s predilection for churchmen who, like him, belong to the diplomats’ guild.
In fact, two other key cardinals of this pontificate come from diplomacy: Lorenzo Baldisseri, appointed by Bergoglio as secretary general of the synod of bishops, and Beniamino Stella, whom the pope made the head of the congregation for the clergy. They have no specific expertise, but they are perfectly obedient executors of the will of Francis to steer things in the predetermined directions: from communion for the divorced and remarried to the ordination of married priests.
At the secretariat of state, it is the “substitute” Angelo Giovanni Becciu, another career diplomat, who acts as executor of the pope’s wishes and as headsman, as for example with Milone or with the Knights of Malta.
In this latter case, Parolin as well was personally involved in the removal of the Grand Master. But it is rare for him to show himself. The dirty work is left to others. He flies high. So high as to be now the only candidate for succeeding Francis with a serious chance of being elected pope.

May Our Blessed Lord deliver us and His Church from the hands of men such as Bergoglio and Parolin.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Franz-Josef Bode - a homosexualist to be sure, the question is this, Is he an active sodomite?

Twice, we have covered Franz-Josef Bode, an alleged Catholis priest and bishop of Germany.

"Gay couples could get the Pope's blessing"

"German Bishop wants the Church to bless homosexual"unions ... assist them with prayer and a private form ofblessing..."

Once again, Bode has called for the "blessing" from God for "gay" unions. for the mortal sin of sodomy and all that it entails.

Bode himself can only be as sodomite.

Image result for franz josef bode

The very fact that Bergoglio does not call this evil man to Rome and rebuke him, says much about him.

Friends, they are trying to wear us down. Do not give them that, take them on. 

We will not back down from our defense of the Catholic faith.

I am not loyal to any Pope who is not loyal to Christ.

If that make me a sedevacantist, then so be it.

Bishop Timmy Harris of the Bergoglian Church of the New Paradigm

Bishop Tim HarrisI expect that little Bishop Timmy Harris will block me soon on Twitter.

What did the good Catholics of Australia do to deserve this?

According to the Most Reverend Tim, we must have "loyalty" to the "Holy Father." Even if that means setting ourselves against Christ?

He challenges Bishop Schneider, to read what Cardinal Parolin said about the Church of the New Paradigm. 

It's heating up friends, the evil in the Church is no longer hidden. All of these arrogant, narcissistic infiltrators to the Holy priesthood and episcopacy are being outed by their own work on Twitter and other social media. 

They will not win this but you must not give up.

Do pay Timmy a visit. He only has 148 followers, let's give him a few more and teach him some Catholic truth.

  1. What a gift we have in Pope Francis . He’s a reminder that we belong to the Universal Church which makes us Catholic . We are in Communion with him + Tim

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  3. Bishop Schneider should read what Cardinal Parolin has said + Tim

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  5. The Holy Father deserves our respect and loyalty . + Tim